Cazzi Opeia

Cazzi Opeia

Raw and full of bite, with the looks of a young Marilyn Monroe gone bad, this Swedish firecracker is ready to take on the world. A club kid with a taste for anything that shines or sparkles, Cazzi  Opeia is a rising star.

Cazzi was born into the world of music. As the daughter of a music loving family she was early on introduced to singing as well as various instruments which soon led to her first songwriting attempts and live performances.

Cazzi’s childhood was filled with deep family love, free creativity, open-mindedness and musical joy. Her father, a world and Olympic champion in pistol-shooting, brought Cazzi to competitions across the globe. Cazzi embraced those travels with excitement and curiosity and the extensive traveling soon shaped her unique world.

Cazzi Opeia, an extremely driven creator and performer, is a brilliant songwriter and lyricist and last but not least, an accomplished artist and singer. She’s an outspoken, honest, fun, curious, kind and open-minded free spirit. Upon entering a room, it starts revolving around her. In the recording studio, her harmony skills and fun loving attitude makes her a blessing to work with. And lyrics come easy to her. Her songwriting style takes inspiration from pop, electro, techno, soul and dance music. This combined makes Cazzi Opeia a superb topline writer.

When she´s not engaged in writing or performing, she enjoys getting lost in big cities or playing around in her hometown Stockholm with her entourage of like-minded street souls. 2017 was a very busy year for Cazzi. She, together with Seoul-based DJ/producer Jin X Jin, relesased the infectious single “Batman & Robin” which created a huge fanbase around the globe and earned her an invitation to perform at Spotify’s headquarters in Stockholm and the Swedish embassy in Seoul.

She also co-wrote the lead theme for highly acclaimed Swedish thriller series “Vene, Vidi, Vici” (Viaplay/Viacom). This thriller is planned to be aired in the US second half of 2018.

On top of that a number of songs have been recorded by international artists. K-Pop giants Twice (JYP Entertainment) picked her song “24/7” for their multiplatinum album “Twicagram” which went No 1 on Billboard’s World Album Chart. Red Velvet (SM Entertainment) released her and her close writing /production partners Moonshine’s smash hit “Peek-A-Boo” as single. The result? Well, rave reviews in a number of tastemaking magazines including Billboard and the single was a monster performer (physical, downloads and streams). No 1 on Billboard’s World Album Chart and No.2 on Billboard’s World Digital Sales Chart. On top of this Cazzi also visited a number of writing camps around the globe including SongExpo in Trondheim, Song Castle in Helsinki, StarJam in Bangkok and Seoul Calling at SM Entertainment’s HQ in Seoul.

2017 saw Cazzi become one of the most sought after writers in the K-Pop world and 2018 has seen Cazzi work with an array of A-list people in Los Angeles, London, Stockholm, Shenzhen (China), Lijiang (China), Seoul and Tokyo.



  • Twice – “Dance The Night Away” – No.1 Billboard World Chart and K-Pop Chart
  • Red Velvet “ Power Up” – No. 1 Billboard World Chart and K-Pop Chart
  • Twice – “24/7” from the No.1 album “Twicetagram” (#1 Billboard World Albums)
  • Red Velvet – “Peek-A-Boo” – No.1 single from the No.1 album “The Perfect Velvet”
    (#1 Billboard Albums + # 2 Billboard World Digital Sales)
  • “Wild Ones” – Solo single released by Cazzi Opeia (Superior Recordings/Cosmos/The Orchard)