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Galantis - Rich Boy

New single: “Rich Boy” released by Galantis

We are pleased to introduce Galantis’ new single “Rich Boy” (BigBeat/Atlantic Records). The single was co-written by EKKO Music Rights songwriter Karen Poole.

Red velvet - Rookie

New single: “Rookie” released by Red Velvet

“ROOKIE” released by Red Velvet co-written by Karl Powell, Harrison Johnson, Otha J Davis III, MZMC. Co-published by EKKO Music Rights obo MARZ Music LLC.

Nabiha - Young

New single: “Young” released by Nabiha

Nabiha’s new single “Young” (disco:wax/Sony) was co-written and produced by EKKO Music Rights’ writers/producers Dsign Music.

Blas Cantó - In Your Bed

New single: “In My Bed” released by Blas Cantó

Blas Cantó is an Spanish singer-songwriter and TV personality known as former member in the boy band AURYN. He started his musical journey as a solo artist with his major debut single “In Your Bed“. The track was written by Blair MacKichan, Arne Hovda, Anders Bagge and Hugo Solis, and released as the first taste of his …

Ailee - Reminiscing

New Single: “Reminiscing” released by Ailee

Check out the new single “Reminiscing” released by Ailee, co-written and co-produced by our hitmaker team Dsign Music (Jin Suk Choi, Ronny Svendsen, Anne Judith Wik, Nermin Harambasic).

Justice Crew - Pop Dat Buckle

New single: “Pop Dat Buckle” released by Justice Crew

EKKO Music Rights’ Rabih Jaber and Nermin Harambasic (Dsign Music) have co-written the new single “Pop Dat Buckle” for Australian superstars Justice Crew (Sony Music).

Jeanette Bonde - Hurricane

New single: “Hurricane” released by Jeanette Bonde

EKKO Music Rights songwriter Nermin Harambasic (Dsign Music) co-wrote Jeanette Bonde’s entry “Hurricane” for the Danish Eurovision Song Contest 2017 (DMGP 2017). The TV-sent event was aired on Danish television on February 25, 2017.

Kumi Koda - W Face - Outside

New album: “W FACE – Outside” released by Kumi Koda

EKKO Music Rights’ hit writing team Dsign Music have co-written and produced the two songs “Insane” and “Bassline”, for Japanese iconic star Koda Kumi and her forthcoming album “W FACE – Outside”(Avex Music).

Red velvet - Rookie

New album: “Rookie” released by Red Velvet

Red Velvet (SM Entertainment) released their 4th Mini Album [Rookie] with the following songs from EKKO Music Rights. 1. Rookie (single) – Karl Powell / Harrison Johnson / Otha J Davis III / MZMC2. Happily Ever After – Deez

NCT127 - Limitless

New album: “Limitless” released by NCT 127

SM Entertainment’s sensational boy band “NCT 127” released their new mini album, with the following songs from EKKO Music Rights; 1. 無限的我 Limitless (Single) – Kenzie, Harvey Mason Jr., J Que2. Rollercoaster (Heartbreaker) – Coach & Sendo3. Baby Don’t Like It – MZMC