Mats Koray Genc

Mats Koray Genc

Mats Koray Genc

Songwriter / Producer / Tracks

Norwegian writer and producer Mats Koray Genc has in a short period of time.

Starting his career as a music producer at an early age gave him a broad perspective of the possibilities and skills needed to succeed.

His musical journey has taken him all over the world

and this has influenced his sounds. Recent co-writes includes Dsign Music, Karen Poole, Bobii Lewis, Moonshine, Ellen Berg, Cazzi Opeia, Jay & Rudy, Chris Young.

He has a number of songs about to be recorded and a number of songs on hold.


Taemin – “Want” single from the EP Want released by SM Entertainment (#4 Billboard World Albums)

Red Velvet – “#Cookie Jar” single from the EP “#Cookie Jar” released by Avex Trax (#3 Billboard Japan Hot Albums)

Jay Pryor – “Rich Kid$” single