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SuperM – Super One

“Super One” is the first full album by South Korean boyband SuperM. It was released on September 25, 2020 by SM Entertainment and Capitol Records. The album was preceded by the singles “With You”, “100” and “Tiger Inside”, and was released alongside the lead single, “One” (Monster & Infinity). The physical version of the album …

GEmma Wu – GX

GEmma Wu, also known as Gui Gui is a Taiwanese singer and actress. The album “GX” was released September 22, 2020 by Avex Taiwan. The single “Go Home, huh?” co-written by EKKO’s hitmaker Cazzi Opeia together with Caesar & Loui from The Kennel.

EVERGLOW – -77.82X-78.29

“-77.82X-78.29” is the second EP released by South Korean girl group Everglow. It was released on September 21, 2020 by Yuehua Entertainment. The song “Untouchable” was co-written and produced by David Anthony, Ronny Svendsen, Anne Judith Wik and Nermin Harambasic (Dsign Music).

The Boyz – Chase

“The Boyz”, a South Korean boyband released their 5th EP “Chase” on September 21, 2020 (Cre.ker Entertainment).EKKO Music Rights talented hitmakers Coach & Sendo, Kenzie and Theo Lawrence co-wrote the single called “The Stealer”.


THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE released their latest single “LIVIN’ IT UP” (Avex Ent.) on September 11th, produced and written by EKKO’s hitmakers Phat Fabe, Jay&Rudy and YNGA!

Efraim Leo – Timing

EKKO Music Rights signed writer and artist Efraim Leo releases his debut EP “Timing” on Elaine Records September 11, 2020. Out now on Spotify.

GEmma Wu – Go Home, huh?

EKKO Music Rights’ hit writer Cazzi Opeia, has, together with Caesar & Loui, co-written the new single “你要不要先回家 (Go Home, Huh?)” for Taiwanese star Gemma Wu (Avex Taiwan).

Super M – Tiger Inside

EKKO Music Right’s hitmakers Moonshine (Ludvig Evers & Jonatan Gusmark) and JeL’s Alex Karlsson have co-written and produced the hot new single “Tiger Inside” (슈퍼엠 ‘호랑이) for US Billboard 200 No.1 act SuperM (SM Entertainment). Out today!

MCND – Earth Age

EKKO Music Rights’ Swedish top writers and producers JeL (Alexander Karlsson & Alexej Viktorovitch) have co-written and co-produced the new single “Nanana” for K-pop boyband MCND (Top Media). Out now!

JinbyJin – Outta Nowhere

The Korean DJ and composer JinbyJin released his new single «Outta Nowhere» on August 19, 2020. The single is featuring the incredible voice of Bobii Lewis.