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Super M – Tiger Inside

EKKO Music Right’s hitmakers Moonshine (Ludvig Evers & Jonatan Gusmark) and JeL’s Alex Karlsson have co-written and produced the hot new single “Tiger Inside” (슈퍼엠 ‘호랑이) for US Billboard 200 No.1 act SuperM (SM Entertainment). Out today!

MCND – Earth Age

EKKO Music Rights’ Swedish top writers and producers JeL (Alexander Karlsson & Alexej Viktorovitch) have co-written and co-produced the new single “Nanana” for K-pop boyband MCND (Top Media). Out now!

JinbyJin – Outta Nowhere

The Korean DJ and composer JinbyJin released his new single «Outta Nowhere» on August 19, 2020. The single is featuring the incredible voice of Bobii Lewis.  

ITZY – Not Shy

EKKO Music Rights’ supreme topline team Sunshine a.k.a Cazzi Opeia & Ellen Berg have co-written two songs; “Be In Love” and “SURF”, on K-pop superstars ITZY’s new EP “Not Shy” (JYP Entertainment). The group’s new EP is getting rave reviews and great response in domestic and international press!

Han Seung Woo – Fame

Seung Woo Han is a Korean artist and member of the boyband “Viction” who debuted in 2016. His first solo EP is called “Fame” and was released August 10, 2020 by Play M.EKKO’s hit producer Jin Suk Choi (Dsign Music) has produced and co-written two songs including the single “Sacrifice” and “Fever”.The single “Sacrifice” was …

Celina Sharma – Insecure

Celina Sharma, an Australian 17-year-old with Indian/Italian heritage, started singing at a very young age, performing musical numbers for her friends and family while at pre-school. As a teenager she started sharing cover songs on TikTok and have so far gained more than 1.1 million followers worldwide. Her new single “Insecure” is co-produced by Ronny …


Now released! “Dessert”, the super hot new single with HYO feat. Loopy, SOYEON ((G)I-DLE) (Scream Records / SM Entertainment.Co-written by Moonshine /Ludvig Evers & Jonatan Gusmark), Celine Helgemo and Tooji Keshtar (co-pub with Napa Songs).

IRENE & SEULGI – Naughty

Naughty” is the new single from the  EP «Monster” released by “Irene & Seulgi». They are the first sub-unit of South Korean girl group Red Velvet.  The single was produced and co-written by EKKO hitmakers Moonshine (Jonatan Gusmark & Ludvig Evers) and Charite Reinås.

IRENE & SEULGI – Monster

«Monster» is the debut EP by Red Velvet’s members “Irene & Seulgi». They are the first sub-unit of South Korean girl group Red Velvet. The EP was released on July 6, 2020 by SM Entertainment, with Dreamus serving as the South Korea distributor.The EP contains six tracks, including the title track and the follow-up single …

WayV – Awaken The World

WayV’s new single “Turn Back Time” is now released by SM Entertainment. Co-written/co-produced by EKKO Music Rights’ hit writing team Moonshine (Jonatan Gusmark & Ludvig Evers).The music video has well over 7 million views on YouTube in less than 48 hours!Onwards and upwards! #moonshine#ludvigevers#jonatangusmark#smentertainment#wayv