EKKO Music Rights signs Swedish songwriter Rabih Jaber

EKKO Music Rights signs Swedish songwriter Rabih Jaber

On February 27th Swedish songwriter Rabih Jaber signed a worldwide music publishing contract with EKKO Music Rights.

“Rabih Jaber is brilliant songwriter, a brilliant singer and a super fella in every aspect. Writers who’ve worked with him for the first time have all contacted us to say how much they enjoyed the sessions with Rabih. Rabih’s music roots are in pop, r’nb and soul but every now and then his Middle East roots shine through and gives his songs an ever more unique twist. Needless to say, we are very happy that Rabih has chosen to be in business with us”.

His tune “Pop Dat Buckle” recently became the No.1 most added song on Australian radio with multiplatinum group Justice Crew (Sony). He also has several soon-to-be-released songs cut in various territories around the globe.

Welcome to EKKO Music Rights, Rabih! Onwards and upwards!

Pictured (left to right): Pelle Lidell, President (EKKO Music Rights), Rabih Jaber and Robin Jenssen, VP & GM (EKKO Music Rights).