EKKO Music Rights HQ

Minkyong Kim

EKKO Music Rights HQ, Publishing Division General manager / Licensing Team, Manager

Since 2005, Minkyong joined SM Entertainment started her career by joining License Team and Publishing Team. In 2016, when EKKO was established, she joined as a founder member.

Until 2007, as a SM License Team, Minkyong was responsible for interpretating film investment, Japan Artists’ album license release and management by using her specialty – fluent in Japanese. After that, for 10 years as a Publishing Team, Minkyong took in charge of Japan OP’s royalty & song registration & agreements with AVEX, TV ASAHI and other Japan publishers as well as managed overall SM product’s clearance.

As the SM Publishing Team became EKKO Music Rights (powered by CTGA), Minkyong administered lyrists – agreements and promotion and cover/synch/licensing. From 2021 fall, became a Head of a EKKO HQ Publishing Division.

We will continue to support our contracted EKKO writers through promotion in songs and sync.

Joseph Cho

EKKO Music Rights HQ A&R/Creative Team, Assistant Manager

Joseph joined EKKO in December 2021 as a publishing A&R, managing the overall process after the CUT. Majoring in music business at NYU and prior to joining EKKO, he worked as an A&R at Big Hit Music Entertainment, where he was responsible and overlooked projects related to artists BTS and TXT.

Youn Min Cassie Park

EKKO Music Rights HQ A&R/Creative Team, Assistant Manager

Cassie joined EKKO in April 2022 as a publishing A&R, managing the overall process after the CUT. Majoring in Music Composition and prior to joining EKKO, she worked as Publishing A&R and drama OST as song pitching, discovering new writers and contract and connecting with global publishing A&R team.

Leah Kwon

EKKO Music Rights HQ A&R/Creative Team, Assistant Manager

Leah started playing the piano when she was seven years old. She finished her bachelor’s degree at Berklee College of Music, majoring in Professional Music with four year-full scholarship. Before joining Ekko, she moved to Paris where she learned European mentality and many different cultural perspectives while teaching English and Music. This experience greatly inspired her to become who she is now on her life journey.

At EKKO, in her little, precious community, she mainly manages international catalogs, especially from Downtown and EKKO Europe, being involved in all the registration matters of international works. Plus, she actively communicates with EKKO’s lyrists and manages their songs.

She now lives between Seoul and Paris, traveling back and forth. Apart from music, she is fascinated with movement, vintage textiles, traditional customs, great stories, and the sheer strength human beings possess. She is also fluent in Korean, English, and French.

Miji Park

EKKO Music Rights HQ, Copyright Admin (K-Pop), Manager

Miji is a publishing professional with more than a decade of experience in collecting royalties and song registration.

After joining EKKO in 2016, She contributed to developing employee manuals for each task and setting up the initial stage of EKKO’s internal copyright system, which is now optimized for efficient use.

In 2022, She is in charge of K-pop catalogue team, based on her deep understanding and expertise in catalogues.

Christina Yoo

EKKO Music Rights HQ, Copyright Admin (Int’ Pop) Team, Manager

Christina joined EKKO in July 2021 as a Int’l Pop Catalogue Manager, responsible for synch/licensing, catalogue/copyright management regarding Kobalt and other overseas clients communication. Started music career as an international A&R at SM Entertainment, then also as an administrative manager in a local label/publisher 153Joombas Music Group developing businesses partnered with Warner Chappell.

Claire Lee

EKKO Music Rights HQ, Copyright Admin (Int’ Pop) Team, Assistant Manager

Claire joined EKKO in September 2022 as a copyright admin team member managing and registering international pop musics.

Majoring in film at KNUA and prior to joining EKKO, worked as a assistant manager in publishing team at KDigital Media, where she was responsible for managing the copyrights of the songwriters.

Pureum Kang

EKKO Music Rights HQ, Royalty Team, Assistant Manager

Pureum joined EKKO’s Royalty Team in January 2022 and she is in charge of the royalty statement of original publishers and writers at domestic and foreign. She worked at music sheet publisher as classical music sheet copyright manager and she was responsible for copyright contract and royalty statement for music used in advertising and broadcasting at library music publisher.


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