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Bobii Lewis

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Jasmin Lee Maming



The Swedish music production team Moonshine (Jonatan Gusmark & Ludvig Evers)  have in record time become one of the most sought after production teams in the K-POP world.

Moonshine have scored international No. 1 smash hit singles with SuperM (SM Entertainment), NCT 127 (SM Entertainment) Red Velvet (SM Entertainment), TWICE (JYP Entertainment), AleXa (ZB Label), Monsta X (UMG Japan), Ailee (YMC Entertainment), WayV (SM Entertainment), The Boyz (Cre.ker Entertainment) and many more.

Red Velvet’s single “Peek-A-Boo” sold 1,9 million in physical sales and downloads, 100 million streams and 180 million YouTube views. TWICE’s single “Dance The Night Away” reached No.1 on Billboard World Chart and K-Pop Chart with superstar girl group TWICE (JYP). Over 1,7 million in physical sales and downloads and close to 100 million streams. The video(s) has surpassed the 230 million views mark (combined) on YouTube. “Power Up” was released with Red Velvet. Yet another No. 1 Billboard World Chart and K-Pop Chart and No.2 on Worldwide Digital Sales.  Moonshine produced and co-wrote “Super Car” (October 2019) for SuperM (SM Entertainment) which earned them 6 no.1 Billboard placements, with the most prolific one being the Billboard 200 chart.  Moonshine have so far scored 10 no. 1 Billboard placements, wich in total has generated multi-million sales and digital downloads as well as over two billion streams. In their native Sweden, Moonshine were nominated for “Breakthrough of The Year” at the prestigious Swedish Music Publishing Awards in 2019.

Bobii Lewis


Bobii Lewis grew up in Tottenham, North London and as a kid he was hypnotised by the reggae and Motown records that his parents played in his home.  In 2018 Bobii scored his first chart No.1 hit on Billboard US World Digital Song Sales with the single “Simon Says”, the iconic K-pop group NCT127’s critically acclaimed smash hit.

2019 and 2020 have been extraordinary years for Bobii. He co-wrote “Super Car” on SuperM’s Billboard 200 No.1 album “Super M: The First Album” (SM Ent./Capitol). The album also topped another 5 Billboard Charts: World, Digital, Current, Digital and Album Sales. He co-wrote “Ice Queen” on EXO member Baekhyun’s (SM Ent.) solo album “City Lights” (2 X Platinum in South Korea -500 000 copies) and an additional 300 000 sold copies in China.

Bobii co-wrote “Trouble” for K-Pop giants EXO’s album “OBSESSION” (SM Ent.) which has gone 3 x Platinum in South Korea (750 000 sold copies) and sold another 300 000 copies in China. This year he’s delivered hit singles and standout album songs to a number of No.1 selling artists including Super M’s smoking hot single “One” – from the Billboard No.2 album “Super One”(SM Ent) and the record-breaking No.1 single “Make A Wish” for NCT U (SM Entertainment) from the No.1 album “Face Us”. In 2020 he’s generated well over 2 million physical sales and several hundred million streams.  Equipped with a fantastic voice, a natural rap flow as well as superb feel for melody and lyrics, Bobii Lewis is in huge demand among our clients around the world.

John Mars


Swedish music producer and songwriter John Mars (John Forkelid), is in-demand globally with his ear for commercial pop hooks, vivid music productions and crystal clear mixes. John has become one of EKKO’s fastest growing writer/producer names through his work at studio complex EKKO Music Lab in Stockholm, Sweden.

Raised with jazz and pop, he developed great skills in piano improvisation.

After  discovering an interest in the recording arts he set his mind to writing and production and in which he developed his uplifting and very infectious  pop sound. In 2018 he graduated from the very prestigious Swedish pop university Musikmakarna.

John Mars is now enjoying an array of cuts and holds on the international arena.
His work for hyped pop acts Now United (XIX Music USA) where he has a forthcoming single confirmed, hit singles with American/Korean pop sensation Alexa (ZB Label) and Japanese superstars V6 (Johnny’s) are clear evidence of his writing and production talents.



YNGA (Siv Marit Egseth) is a brilliant topliner, singer and artist based in Oslo, Norway.

She was discovered at Song:Expo (a writing camp in Norway), and since then she’s gone from strength to strength. Constantly collaborating with international writers such as Dsign Music, Che Pope, Bobii Lewis, Will Simms, Moonshine, Martin K and many more.

YNGA is regularily attending international songcamps due to her great skills and voice, which has resulted in numerous cuts with multi-platinum artists.

Besides being an accomplished singer, she also plays several instruments such as accordion, saxophone and guitar. A songwriter with high ambitions and great work ethics.

Released singles as a solo artist include “Got Me”, “Glass”, “Galaxy” and “Talk To Me”.  YNGA teamed up with Romanian record label Thrace Music and released the single “Papi Papi” together with fellow Thrace artist BRIANNA – a catchy, full of attitude that is guaranteed get your body bouncing. Recent international releases with artists such as KAI (from EXO / SuperM), Red Velvet, The Rampage, Roy Wang and 4Magic.

Carlyle Fernandes


Carlyle Fernandes is a very talented beat & track maker/sound designer from Gothenburg – the vibrant music city on the west coast of Sweden.

With roots as fast-picking metal guitarist on the local band scene Carlyle loves to create exciting grooves and sounds. His feel for cutting edge hip-hop, vivid electronic sounds and contemporary R&B and soul is already widely spread among fellow songwriters and labels around the globe and he’s constantly being approached with new and challenging projects.

Carlyle has successfully collaborated with EKKO Music Rights roster; Dsign Music, Sunshine (Cazzi Opeia & Ellen Berg), Bobii Lewis and Jay & Rudy. Further collaborations have also been done with renowned producers and artists Aloe Blacc, Akon, 808 Mafia, Honerable C Note and Daniel Seeff.

Carlyle Fernandes has co-written and co-produced “So Long” on SuperM’s Billboard 200 No.2 album “Super One” (Capitol/SM Entertainment) and cuts on the Red Velvet’s forthcoming album (both SM Entertainment).



The Norwegian music songwriting team BLUEPRINT (Paulos Solbø / Stian Nyhammer Olsen / Julia Bognar Finnseter) signed an exclusive worldwide publishing deal with EKKO Music Rights in March 2021.

Thanks to the unique combination of songwriters, BLUEPRINT finds new ways to make the unfamiliar sound familiar and the weird sound cool.

So far, they have scored one Billboard Chart No. 1 placement and multi-million streams, they are entering into 2021 with the aim of increasing this statistics.

With a united focus, they are currently casting a spotlight on the K-POP market. However, they are not genre defined and have worked with both local and international songwriters in the western marked, expanding their catalogue and toolbox.

Alejandro Fuentes


Alejandro Fuentes is a Chilean born singer/songwriter who grew up as a refugee in Norway. He started his musical career singing in a local choir, playing the guitar and writing songs while being inspired by artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez.

In 2005, Alejandro Fuentes at the age of sixteen, released his first solo album “Diamonds and Pearls” after coming 3rd place in the Norwegian version of the TV-show Idol. His debut album quickly reached gold status and Fuentes toured extensively with his band. In 2006 Fuentes joined forces with Askil Holm, Espen Lind, and Kurt Nilsen (the latter winner of the Norwegian Idol 2013 and winner of World Idol 2004).

They released their first album “Halleluja Vol.1″ and sold 250.000 copies, and the Live DVD “Hallelujah- Live” sold 50.000 copies the same year.  With their single “Hallelujah” they won “Hit Of The Year“ at the Norwegian Grammy’s “Spellemannprisen” in 2006.  In 2009 they released their second album “Hallelujah Vol.2” and toured all over Norway.

His latest single “Emma Emma” and his upcoming single “Miss Favela” was co-written and produced by Dsign Music who also wrote the smash hit “Vente Pa’Ca” released by Ricky Martin.

Charite Viken


Norwegian artist, singer and songwriter Charite started her artist career when she was 11 years old,  and soon became a household name after releasing several singles and performing major TV-shows and live-shows in Norway.

As a songwriter she has penned singles for the X-Factor winner of Germany and Indonesia, she won a Chinese Grammy with the #1 smash single “The Great Artist” released by Asian superstar Jolin Tsai.

Other merits include two #1 placements on US Billboard World Album Charts with “Girls’ Generation – Lion Heart” and “Red Velvet – 4 Walls”, both albums released by SM Entertainment.

In 2019 Charite co-wrote the song “Super Car”  for the Korean boygroup SuperM (SM Entertainment) which earned her six no.1 US Billboard chart placements, with the most prolific, scoring the No.1 spot on US Billboard 200 Chart. 

As an artist Charite is now out with her latest EP “Bloom” released by her duo called Naoko.

Rasmus Palmgren


Swedish music producer and songwriter Rasmus Palmgren is based in Stockholm and is working from his studio at EKKO Music Lab.

With a background as a piano player listening to Top 40 hits, he started producing pop music in high school and later attended Swedish songwriting school Musikmakarna.

Some cuts include Swedish Idol winner’s song and Ireland’s entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2014. His most recent release with Chinese singer Wu Jia Cheng reached 10 million views on the music video in less than 24 hours.

BB Elliot


BB Elliot is a Swedish RnB/Pop-singer and songwriter based in Stockholm.

Born in a jazz-loving family, Elliot grew up surrounded by music. Rhythm and grooves combined with intriguing melodies has always inspired him in his own creating, heavily influenced by D’ Angelos laid back finesse in silky smooth harmonies and hooky storytelling.

At the age of eight he found his voice in choir and classical music and studied for six years at Adolf Fredriks musikklasser, one of Sweden’s most credible music high schools. Later on he was accepted on to Rytmus’s singer songwriter course. That made him blossom in his song writing, but only after some time BB Elliot started producing and ended up creating music for commercials for companies such as UN, Gevalia, XL-BYGG amongst more. It got him wanting to explore more and moved to Berlin to study song writing at BIMM Berlin.

BB Elliot is now working full-time at EKKO Music Lab creating music for his own project and for EKKO Music Rights clients around the globe.

Jonathan B-T


Jonathan B-T is a Swedish singer and songwriter whose music has earned him both platinum and gold certifications, as well as two Billboard Number One singles.

He comes from a musical family in the south of Sweden, and while still a child he began to perform and play concerts. In his teenage years, he started writing songs that caught the attention of EDM labels across Europe. At the age of 20, he moved to Scotland and then to the US to further explore music and his songwriting career.

In 2018, Jonathan returned to Stockholm to focus on perfecting his craft. Since 2019, Jonathan has been primarily writing music for Asian markets, cementing his status as one of the most sought-after topliners in Stockholm. His commitment to crafting perfect lyrics and melodies continues to be an inspiration for many of his peers.

Jonathan B-T is collaborating with some of the biggest K-Pop writers such as Moa “Cazzi Opeia” Carlebecker, Ellen Berg, Dsign Music, JeL (Alex Karlsson & Alexej Viktorovich), Moonshine, Gabriel Brandes and many more.  Currently having holds and cuts with artists such as TXT, TWICE, SixTONES to name a few.

No matter what genre or artist Jonathan is working with, his talent shines through every time. He is an immensely creative songwriter who brings energy and infectious hooks to every project. With his dedication to excellence, he continues to make a name for himself.

Oliver Forsmark


Oliver Forsmark is an accomplished Swedish producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a career spanning over two decades. Throughout his career, Oliver has explored many different genres and worked with renowned artists from Sweden, Japan, the Netherlands, and the United States.

He holds a diploma in music production, songwriting and guitar from Stockholm, London, and Musikmakarna, where he has made quite an impression on notable names such as Max Martin.

With his many talents, Oliver Forsmark has achieved close to a hundred releases globally, and scoring a #1 selling album in Japan. His success is not only attributed to his musical genius but also to his persistence and dedication to honing his craft. His ability to master many instruments allows him to bring forth an array of soundscapes for all of his projects.

His knack for writing catchy tunes coupled with his impressive production skills have made him one of the most sought-after producers in the business. Oliver Forsmark’s passion for music has brought him much success and will continue to propel him forward in the future.

With his dedication to excellence and excellent track record, he continues to make a name for himself among producers in the music industry.



Lovelypop (Benjamin Sahba & Sverre Charles Sunde) is a songwriter and producer duo based in Trondheim, Norway. They are currently focusing 100% on K-Pop and just had their first hit with the song “Time After Time” featured on SMTown’s winter album (2022 Winter SMTown: SMCU PALACE).

Benjamin already enjoyed a long successful career in music, touring worldwide with his hardstyle artist project Refuzion. His songs have achieved an impressive 200 million streams and he has performed at some of the world’s most renowned music festivals, such as Tomorrowland (Belgium), Reverze (Belgium), Electro Beach(France) and DWP (China).

Joining forces with Sverre, who has been producing and writing pop music for Norwegian platinum selling artists for many years, Lovelypop is sure to be a match made in musical heaven. The duo combines their unique talents to create catchy tunes that draw from their respective backgrounds in hardstyle and pop music, making them an interesting and exciting new addition to the K-Pop scene.

They are currently doing co-writes with some of the most successful songwriters and producers in the K-pop world such as Dsign Music (Anne Judith Wik, Nermin Harambasic, Ronny Svendsen, Adrian Thesen), Moa “Cazzi Opeia” Carlebecker, Herbie Crichlow, Gabriel Brandes etc.

With Benjamin’s remarkable international success as well as Sverre’s renowned accomplishments in the Norwegian music industry, Lovelypop is sure to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.



ADAMAME(Adam Fröström) is a Swedish producer and songwriter based in Stockholm, Sweden.

With his unique background in EDM, mainstream pop and trap, ADAMAME brings a unique and fresh flavour to his songwriting and productions.

His passion for music began at an early age, having watched music videos on MTV before he could walk.

After completing his studies at the Musikmakarna academy, ADAMAME has quickly made his mark on the Nordic music scene. K-POP is a major source of inspiration for him, leading to the development of his own signature soundscapes and groovy beats.

Currently ADAMAME is co-writing songs for artists such as EXO, SuperM, TWICE, Aespa and ITZY with his K-POP peers such as Moonshine, Moa “Cazzi Opeia” Carlebecker, Ellen Berg, Alex Karlsson, Gabriel Brandes, Dsign Music, Bobii Lewis and many others.

With his impressive range of skills, ADAMAME is well placed to take the music world by storm.



Koji is a talented producer and songwriter from South Korea who has already made a name for himself in the world of electronic music, hip-hop, and trap.

After graduating from Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts, one of the best art universities in South Korea, he worked as a resident DJ for many years under the name HAITAI at Club Octagon Seoul, located in DJ Mag 5th.

His contributions to the club’s success didn’t go unnoticed, and it wasn’t long before his reputation began to spread globally.

In addition to being a successful producer, Koji is also active in K-pop and broadcast music, further expanding his talent and contributing even more to the culture of music. He believes that music has no boundaries, and his mission is to bring people together through his creative expression.

His passion for music shines through every track he produces, making him an artist who is respected by fans all around the world. Koji’s music has become a global phenomenon, and it’s only getting started.

Jasmin Lee Maming


Jasmin Lee Maming is a very talented Swedish/Filipino singer and songwriter based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Inspired by Pop, RnB, HipHop and Trap has led Jasmin Lee to mix those genres with her special musical identity, creating an impressive sound with fresh melodies. Along with her big interest for poetry, she remarks herself with her own universe of lyrics and a very good ear for vocal production.

Ever since she has been a little kid, she has been extremely creative, keeping herself busy with expressing herself in many different ways Jasmin Lee Maming has always been following the road of music, singing through her childhood and writing songs and lyrics.

Jasmin Lee Maming is currently studying at Musikmakarna and her love for K-Pop is growing immensely. She’s been writing songs for Universal Music Sweden and DimMak, and now gaining lot of recognition and interest in the world of K-Pop. The future is bright for a talent like hers.