Cazzi Opeia

Cazzi Opeia (Moa Anna Carlebecker)

Raw and full of bite, with the looks of a young Marilyn Monroe gone bad, this Swedish firecracker is an extremely driven and talented songwriter, singer, creator and performer.

Cazzi has become one of the most sought after writers in the K-Pop world and she’s been working with an array of A-list songwriters in Los Angeles, London, Stockholm, Shenzhen and Lijiang (China), Seoul and Tokyo.

Nominated at The Swedish Music Publishing Awards in 2018 in the category “Breakthrough of The Year” and “Song of The Year” at The Norwegian Music Publishing Awards in 2019. In 2019 she’s so far enjoyed a No.1 on Billboard World Charts and No.2 on Billboard Heatseeker Charts, a No.1 spot on iTunes World Charts and the No.1 spot on iTunes in no less than 50 countries with TXT (Big Hit Entertainment) and their album “The Dream Chapter: STAR”. Platinum and diamond status with Twice (JYP Entertainment) smash hit single “Dance The Night Away” which surpassed 100 million streams, 250 000 albums and 2.5 million downloads, over 1,7 million sales of Red Velvet’s smash hit single “Peek-A-Boo” and over 1,2 million sales of Red Velvet’s smash hit single “Power Up”.


  • Cazzi Opeia – “Rich” single (Superior Recordings/Cosmos/The Orchard)
  • Twice – single “Dance The Night Away” (#1 Billboard World Albums | #1 Billbaord K-POP 100)
  • Red Velvet – single “Power Up” (#1 Billboard World Albums | #1 Billbaord K-POP 100)
  • Twice – “24/7” from the album “Twicetagram” (#1 Billboard World Albums)
  • Red Velvet – single “Peek-A-Boo” from the album “The Perfect Velvet” (#1 Billboard World Albums | #2 Billboard World Digital Sales)
  • Cazzi Opeia – “Wild Ones” single (Superior Recordings/Cosmos/The Orchard)