Red Velvet – Psycho

Red Velvet - Psycho

Korean superstar girl group Red Velvet (SM Entertainment) beat a new personal record on March 26th, 2020 at 1:07 a.m. with their MV on YouTube for their hit single “Psycho” by reaching 100 million views in record time! “Psycho” was released on the December 23rd, 2019 and is the title track for the group’s latest album ‘The ReVe Festival Finale’.

The single is produced and co-written by EKKO Music Rights hitmakers Cazzi Opeia, Kenzie, EJAE and Yoo Young Jin together with Drew Scott. Congratulations to one and all!

More “Psycho” records:

* Red Velvet is the first girl group and second group to achieve a RAK (Real Time All-Kill) in 2019 with Psycho.

*Psycho is Red Velvet’s fastest MV to reach 1 million likes, it reached it in less than 8 hours. It’s also their most viewed MV in 24 hours with 10.7 million views.

*Psycho is the first and only girl group song to achieve a roof-hit on MelOn in 2019.

*Psycho is the first song by a girl group to get a CAK (Certified All-Kill) in 2019. They are also the second group to achieve it in 2019.

* Billboard critics ranked Psycho at number 18 on the 25 Best K-pop songs of 2019.

* Psycho is the fastest girl-group song to reach 100k likes on MelOn, they did so in 7 days.

* Psycho is the fastest SM song to reach 10 million streams on Spotify, they did so in 6 days.

* Allure Korea has named Psycho as one of the 3 idol groups masterpieces of 2019.

* Psycho is the first song to reach #1 on Billboard World Digital Song Sales in 2020.

* Psycho is now the highest score of all time on MBC Show Music Core with a total of 10,895 points.

Onwards and upwards!