New single: “In My Bed” released by Blas Cantó

New single: "In My Bed" released by Blas Cantó

Blas Cantó is an Spanish singer-songwriter and TV personality known as former member in the boy band AURYN. He started his musical journey as a solo artist with his major debut single “In Your Bed“. The track was written by Blair MacKichan, Arne Hovda, Anders Bagge and Hugo Solis, and released as the first taste of his debut solo album, which is expected to be launched sometime this year via Warner Music Spain.

History has proven that out of the ashes of a boy band on a break comes exciting new opportunities for solo music. Blas Canto, who shot to fame with Auryn, is releasing his inaugural solo effort and boy, is it a doozy.

In Your Bed is a ferocious, uptempo jam that grabs the listener’s attention from the first beat and doesn’t let go until the last note. Even the cover art is enticing; in the digital age of music artwork often appears to be an afterthought. Not so here – the striking image tells and enhances the story of the song. Blas’ ruffled hair and animal print shirt with sleeves rolled up portrays a man on a mission, pursuing his innermost desires with urgent intensity. The font used indicates betrayal, like lipstick scrawled on a mirror.

As Blas falls for a girl, who happens to be his best friend’s girl, he infuses his vocal with a mix of soulful anguish and cathartic indignation. His engaging voice guides the melody with mellifluous ease. There is more r’n’b influence than we’ve previously seen from Blas and it suits him well. He’s accompanied by an off kilter & thoroughly addictive piano riff; a more complex arrangement than is traditional so adds depth and texture to the song. This mirrors the oft messy nature of following your heart and enhances the lyrical sting in the tale when the lady in question turns her affections to Blas. Throw in an intoxicating rhythmic groove and it is an entirely compelling proposition. An excellent start from Blas – and possibly the best solo ex boy bander single since Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River.