New single: “Love Made Me Do It” released by Ellise

New single: "Love Made Me Do It" released by Ellise

19-year-old singer-songwriter Ellise hails from Northern California, but decided to get up and pursue her musical dreams by moving to L.A. at just 17. Now, Ellise has officially arrived, jumping out with “Love Made Me Do It,” an infectious tune about the hysterics of love. Opened up by a buzzing synth, the track is carried by a few serene plucks of a muffled guitar as the singer’s playful vocals envelop the record. “Love made me do it, I couldn’t stop my self,” she croons as a booming kick and warm bass line accompany the songs’ hook.

The single “Love Made Me Do It” is co-written and co-produced by EKKO Music Rights writer Nait Masuku aka Jungleboi!