New single: “Wild Ones” released by Cazzi Opeia

New single: "Wild Ones" released by Cazzi Opeia

Swedish artist Cazzi Opeia is creating music history.

On Nov 30, 2017, at 4pm local time, Swedish artist Cazzi Opeia, in collaboration with Swedish Space Corporation, is launching her brand new single “Wild Ones” with the speed of light into outer space!

With an equivalent isotropically radiated power (EIRP) of 10 Megawatt, “Wild Ones” is aimed at the star system Cassiopeia, 54 lightyears from planet Earth.

Astronomy scientist Gösta Gahm at Stockholm University says: “it takes only a few hours for “Wild Ones” to leave our own solar system but it’ll take several years to reach the first star Caph in solar system Cassiopeia. If there’s an intelligent civilization there their reply to Cazzi Opeia would take 108 years to reach Earth”.

“Wild Ones” was born out of a strong feeling of being different and was converted to a personal and soulful song. According to Cazzi Opeia, writing “Wild Ones” is something she has strived for all her life. The song’s message is not that you have to be barking mad or a complete oddball to be a wild one, just someone who truly dares to follow the heart. “I have always been drawn to the prohibited, unusual and abnormal aspects of life. I’ve always been a wild one and sometimes been forced to pay a high price because of my view on life. But that’s just me. I also love everything about space, star systems, black holes, dimensions, quantum physics and life in space. All the knowledge that we humans not yet have apprehended is a very intriguing thought to me”.

“Wild Ones” is produced by Ronny Svendsen and Jin Choi for Dsign Music. Written by Cazzi Opeia, Jin Choi (Dsign Music) & Nermin Harambasic (Dsign Music) and Rabih Jaber and published by EKKO Music Rights (admin ww Kobalt Music).

Released online on Dec 1 on Superior Recordings/Cosmos Music. Music video released on Dec 1 2017.