Queendom Puzzle – Team Battle 1

The survival show ”Queendom Puzzle” released two soundtracks on May 18th, as a first step for the show’s first mission ”TEAM BATTLE 1”, to be released June 13th.  ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀”SNAP” is co-written by EKKO’s hitmakers Sunshine (Moa ”Cazzi Opeia” Carlebecker & Ellen Berg)


PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE released their 2nd mini album “PSYCHIC FILE I” on May 17th. The song ”NICE & SLOW” is produced and co-written by EKKO’s hitmakers Phatfabe, Gabriel Brandes and Alexander Karlsson.

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Winner!

EKKO’s hitmaker Moa ”Cazzi Opeia” Carlebecker made history last Saturday! She has become the first songwriter so far to win The American Song Contest, Swedish Melodifestivalen and Eurovision Song Contest – in less than one years time! EKKO Music Rights are proud to represent Cazzi Opeia and happy for all her success and the ones …

BTS – The Planet

BTS released their new song “The Planet” from the soundtrack to the animated movie ‘Bastions’ on Friday (May 12). The song is co-written by EKKO’s hitmaker Gabriel Brandes.

aespa – MY WORLD

aespa released their 3rd mini album “MY WORLD” (SM Ent.) on May 8. EKKO’s hitmakers participated in the following songs: ”Spicy” [TITLE TRACK] produced & co-written by Moonshine, Emily Yeonseo Kim and Moa “Cazzi Opeia” Carlebecker (Sunshine), additional production by JINBYJIN”Salty & Sweet” produced & co-written by JINBYJIN, Anne Judith Wik (Dsign Music) and Moa …


MOONCHILD made their debut on May 3rd with the release of their first mini album ”DELICIOUS POISON”. ”Photogenic” is co-written by Ekko´s hitmakers Ellen Berg and Moa “Cazzi Opeia” Carlebecker (Sunshine).


LE SSERAFIM released their 1st full album “UNFORGIVEN” (Source Music) on May 1. EKKO Europe’s hitmakers participated in the following songs: ”UNFORGIVEN (feat. Nile Rodgers)” co-written by Anne Judith Wik (Dsign) and Nermin Harambasic (Dsign)”No-Return (Into the Unknown)” co-written by Moa “Cazzi Opeia” Carlebecker and Arineh Karimi”Flash Forward” co-written by Alex Karlsson (JeL), Stian Nyhammer …

Epex – Growing Pains

Epex released their 5th mini album ”Prelude of love Chapter 2: ´Growing Pains’” on April 26th. The title track ”Sunshower” is co-written by EKKO`s hitmaker Gabriel Brandes.

NCT 127 – Sunny Road

NCT 127 released their Japanese single ”Sunny Road” on April 24th. ”Sunny Road” is produced and co-written by EKKO`s hitmakers John Mars and Alex Karlsson (JeL).

TEMPEST – The Calm Before the Storm

TEMPEST released their 4th mini album ”The Calm Before the Storm” on April 17. The title track ”Dangerous” and the song ”Eye of the Storm” are produced and co-written by EKKO´s hitmaker BANGKOK (David Anthony Eames)